About the Firm

Social responsibility

As one of the world’s leading communication consultancies, we take our responsibility to our community seriously. This includes our own initiatives as well as working with our clients to continuously improve the social and environmental impacts of their business activities and communication programs.

Corporate Responsibility Report

Our Corporate Responsibility Report highlights how our employees across the network get involved in various ways to make a positive difference in the communities we serve every day, and devote their time, talent, energy and money to causes and organizations close to their hearts.

Charting the course

Our Corporate Responsibility Policy

Our Corporate Responsibility Policy focuses on key areas where we believe we can have the most impact: ethical conduct, human capital development, social investment, environmental performance, and diversity and inclusion. Download our 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report to learn more.

Diversity and Inclusion champions

Diversity and inclusion

AVENIR GLOBAL is committed to diversity and inclusion. We work together with all our brands to help educate, empower and celebrate people across our network.

We know that collectively, our unique experiences give us greater insight into the world around us.

When our curiosity is fuelled and our voices are heard, we are all inspired to do greater thinking.

AXON UK, London office

Ethical conduct

We are committed to practicing public relations to the highest professional standards. Our Firm has strict policies and guidelines governing the conduct of its business, notably regarding confidentiality, ethics and conflicts of interest. We seek to provide collaborative and sustainable communication solutions to our clients.

Riverside House, London office

Human capital development

We select, compensate and promote our employees on the basis of merit, without discrimination on grounds of race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age or disability. We offer an extensive range of professional development and training programs at the local, national and international levels for all categories of employees, we reward excellence internationally, nationally and locally, and each office offers its employees specific programs and benefits to foster their wellness and satisfaction.

Cherry, London office

Social investment

We encourage employees to undertake pro bono work through the donation of communication counsel and services for not-for-profit organizations on behalf of the Firm. We also make financial contributions to not-for-profit organizations in communities where we operate, and encourage employees to make financial contributions. We recognize employees for their pro bono work by incorporating this aspect into annual performance evaluations.

Riverside House, London office

Environmental performance

We work to minimize the Firm’s environmental impact, specifically by reducing our direct paper and water consumption, recycling, conserving energy and procuring environmentally responsible goods and services. Local green committees are responsible for implementing environmental programs and monitoring our performance on an annual basis. The Firm encourages clients to integrate environmental concerns into their business and communications practices and counsels them to minimize their environmental impact in all their communication efforts.

Net zero commitment

In 2023, our four brands across Europe and the Middle East—AXON, Cherry, Hanover, and Madano—conducted an independent, comprehensive assessment of their carbon footprint. They committed to making meaningful reductions in emissions by 2030, and to reaching net zero emissions by 2040.