About the Firm

Our culture and values

Fostering a people-centric culture has been an integral part of our approach since our inception. While our human resource policies embody this concern and commitment, for AVENIR GLOBAL, putting relationships with our clients and our people first is a question of maturity and of genuine leadership.

The values below underpin our relationships with each other and with our clients. They are the foundation of our corporate culture and our guiding principles as we move forward.

Sharing the same values allows us to enjoy considerable autonomy and swiftness of action without compromising our operating brands. It also allows us to mobilize teams more rapidly and bring together the most experienced individuals from across the network, who are able to quickly work as one to address our clients’ most pressing challenges.

NATIONAL Public Relations, Halifax office

Our values


Our raison d’être is the satisfaction of our clients. We strive to consistently provide them with work of the highest quality.


We hire motivated, committed people who love what they do.


We constantly seek to improve in all areas and we foster a culture of innovation to ensure the ongoing development of new products and services to meet emerging client needs.


We believe that collaboration, team spirit and teamwork are essential to any success in business.


We believe that the best way to protect our reputation is to maintain a high level of integrity and professional conduct in all of our daily activities.


We manage our business in a financially responsible way; our Firm’s profitability is essential to its sustainability.


We believe that there can be no lasting success without mutual respect, and we promote courtesy in the workplace.

Our culture

Our belief is that a firm with an inspiring vision, unparalleled integrity, a people-centric management philosophy and solid values is better able to attract and respond to the profound aspiration of high-calibre, competent individuals.

Madano Away Day

Madano Away Day, London office

An employer of choice

AVENIR GLOBAL’s commitment to ethical conduct, social investment, environmental performance and human capital development has led us to receive several accolades as a great place to work. Awards include 2022 Best Workplace for Wellbeing in the U.K. (AXON et Cherry) and 2021 Best Workplaces in the U.K. (AXON et Cherry)​.

The Institute 201

Participants to the 2022 edition of The Institute 201

A commitment to learning

AVENIR GLOBAL stands apart from other communication firms, having committed itself to fostering a learning culture. Our learning program offers cutting-edge multi-platform learning opportunities to employees across our network. We recognize that relevant learning activities take various forms, whether organized team sessions, self-directed initiatives or courses.

Views from our offices around the world

International opportunities

Our mobility approach is simple: we focus on having the right people, in the right place, at the right time, to support our business needs. We understand that some employees may consider a move to another city or another office for personal or professional reasons and we encourage such mobility.