About the Firm

AVENIR GLOBAL is a Montreal-based holding and management company with an active operations mindset and a hands-on approach to all its investments. A global powerhouse of specialist communication firms, AVENIR GLOBAL has 1,000 staff and offices in 23 locations across Canada, the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. We rank among the top 25 largest communication firms in the world.

Our history

For 47 years, the Firm has been at the centre of issues and industries that matter, leading change for today and tomorrow.

NATIONAL Public Relations, Montreal office

Operating brands

With AVENIR GLOBAL, clients have access to a global powerhouse of specialist communication firms who can help connect them to the people who matter most, with the right message, at the right time.

Padilla, Minneapolis office


AVENIR GLOBAL draws upon the best minds in the industry to differentiate from the competition, to drive innovation and to deliver measurable results.

AVENIR GLOBAL’s leadership team

Culture and values

Our values are the foundation of our corporate culture and our guiding principles as we move forward.

AXON, London office

Social responsibility

As one of the world’s leading communication consultancies, we take our responsibility to our community seriously.

Cherry, London office