AVENIR GLOBAL honours exceptional contributions as part of its 2019 Achievement Awards program

AVENIR GLOBAL is proud to announce the winners of the Firm’s 2019 Achievement Awards.

Every year, AVENIR GLOBAL presents these awards to employees who, through their exceptional contributions, reinforced the Firm’s values and vision and promoted its growth and leadership position in the industry.

Among 139 nominations submitted by their colleagues, 74 laureates were selected this year for their accomplishments in six categories. The awards were presented during local ceremonies in each of our offices.

In addition to the winners in local categories, AVENIR GLOBAL also presented global recognition awards to Alan Dunton, Managing Director at SHIFT San Francisco and Sarah Fox, Vice President at Padilla New York.

Alan Dunton (SHIFT San Francisco) and Sarah Fox (Padilla New York)
Alan Dunton (SHIFT San Francisco) and Sarah Fox (Padilla New York)

2019 AVENIR GLOBAL Way Award: Alan Dunton (SHIFT San Francisco)

The AVENIR GLOBAL Way Award is presented to the employee who best represents the Firm’s values and embodies our brand by applying bold thinking to solve challenges and establishing trusted relationships with clients and partners.

Alan Dunton took the reins of SHIFT’s San Francisco office in July 2018. He brought an energy and a “can-do” attitude that inspired his reports and had a swift and dramatic impact on office performance.

Alan’s ongoing success at improving employee retention has served to establish a solid client service foundation that has led to several significant, high-profile wins. Alan was instrumental in establishing and growing a foundational cross-office, inter-agency partnership between SHIFT San Francisco and NATIONAL Vancouver. Alan’s work in this context is a strong manifestation of AVENIR GLOBAL’s desire for more cross-office collaboration to serve a wider range of our clients’ needs.

Alan is a leader who focuses not just on revenue growth and client retention, but also employee motivation. He cultivates a strong “family feel” atmosphere where people can learn from each other. He has brought an element of positivity, and developed growth-oriented environment that emphasizes professional development and is, most importantly, fun.

 2019 Luc Beauregard Award: Sarah Fox (Padilla New York)

The Luc Beauregard Award, dedicated to the memory of our founder, is presented to one of the AVENIR GLOBAL Achievement Awards winners whose stellar nomination and strong performance during the year truly stood out among all local laureates.

Since joining Padilla two years ago, Sarah Fox has been recognized as a great leader who goes above-and-beyond at client service. She is a mindful strategic team manager who nurtures and grows staff, who is business minded, and who is skilled in agency operations.

Sarah has done important work for one of AVENIR GLOBAL’s largest clients in the healthcare sector, which has helped to further establish the Firm as a recognizable communications partner in the U.S. pharmaceutical marketplace. This past year, she was also instrumental in generating significant new business opportunities with top-tier pharmaceutical prospects. She achieved this by tapping into the AVENIR GLOBAL network and using the “best team” approach to ensure the most qualified and experienced professionals were incorporated into the projects.

With her professionalism, business acumen, team player abilities, positive demeanor and mentoring skills, Sarah exemplifies the spirit of the Luc Beauregard Award.

2019 Achievement Awards local winners

Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award

  • Daniella Pfeifer (AXON Copenhagen)
  • James McCary (AXON London)
  • Rebecca Burbidge (AXON London)
  • Sophie Herlihy (AXON London)
  • Michelle Wolfson (AXON New York)
  • Essi Turkson (Cherry)
  • Karl Picard (Hanover Dublin)
  • Mia Ayres (Hanover London)
  • Samantha Brannan (Madano)
  • Dayna Park (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Stéphanie Napky Couture (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Vincent Gagnon (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Tiéoulé Traoré (NATIONAL Ottawa)
  • Marie-Pier Lambert (NATIONAL Quebec City)
  • Meredith Adams (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Jillian Stead (NATIONAL Vancouver)
  • Allison Mikita (Padilla New York)
  • Nichole Gill (Padilla Richmond)
  • Laurie Hainley (Padilla Washington)
  • Shannon Steffen (SHIFT San Francisco)

Business Development and Management Achievement Award

  • Sam Walsh (Cherry)
  • Barbara Cooreman (Hanover Brussels)
  • Gary Cleland (Hanover London)
  • Joe Derry-Malone (Hanover London)
  • Sandra Allimadi-Ocitti (Hanover Middle East)
  • Juliet Kitson (Madano)
  • Bridget Burgess (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Edith Rochette (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Michel Lambert (NATIONAL Quebec City)
  • Jane Taber (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • David Heinsch (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Fred Lake (Padilla New York)
  • Joel Erb (Padilla Richmond)
  • Ashley Desrosiers (Padilla Washington)
  • Darren Weiss (SHIFT San Francisco)

Support Services Achievement Award

  • Danni Buxton (Cherry)
  • Kate Lawrie (Hanover London)
  • Shelby Hirsch (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Camille Bélanger (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Melissa Wood (NATIONAL Ottawa)
  • Aisha Saito (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Alice Vaught (Padilla Chicago)
  • Lisa Ramos (Padilla New York)
  • Jennifer Leahy (SHIFT Boston)

Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award

  • Melissa Lewis (AXON CTS)
  • Sarah Schippers (AXON London)
  • Tara Lohmann (Madano)
  • Madeline Postle (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Hugo Morissette (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Tim Butters (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Alyssa Smith (NATIONAL Vancouver)
  • Carrie Young (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Sarah Fox (Padilla New York)
  • Kathryn Canning (Padilla Richmond)
  • Natalie Smith (Padilla Richmond)
  • Sarah Levy (Padilla Washington)
  • Jennifer Toole (SHIFT Boston)

Innovation Achievement Award

  • Leigh Ireland (Hanover London)
  • Darren Fleetwood (Madano)
  • Mel Hennigar (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Pascale Larouche (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Gisele Suen (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Grant Prentice (Padilla Chicago)
  • Michael Garrison (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Jenna Finn (SHIFT Boston)

People Leader Achievement Award

  • Daniella McCrorie (AXON CTS)
  • Antonia Katsambis (AXON London)
  • Elisabeth Mozel-Jury (AXON London)
  • Simon Oldridge (Cherry)
  • Gareth Morrell (Madano)
  • Lee Stafford (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Judith Lebel (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Nancy Dale (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Justin Finnegan (SHIFT New York)

AXON Copenhagen

Daniella Pfeifer (Commitment and Collaboration Award)


Melissa Lewis (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award) and Daniella McCrorie (People Leader Achievement Award)

AXON London

Sarah Schippers (People Leader Achievement Award), Antonia Katsambis (People Leader Achievement Award), Rebecca Burbidge (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award) and James McCary (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award)

AXON London (cont.)

Elisabeth Mozel-Jury (People Leader Achievement Award)


Simon Oldridge (People Leader Achievement Award), Danni Buxton (Support Services Achievement Award), Sam Walsh (Business Development and Management Achievement Award), and Essi Turkson (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award)

Hanover Brussels

Barbara Cooreman (Business Development and Management Achievement Award)

Hanover Dublin

Karl Picard (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award)

Hanover London

Kate Lawrie (Support Services Achievement Award) and Leigh Ireland (Innovation Achievement Award)

Hanover London (cont.)

Gary Cleland (Business Development and Management Achievement Award)

Hanover London (cont.)

Joe Derry-Malone (Business Development and Management Achievement Award)

Hanover London (cont.)

Mia Ayres (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award)

Hanover Middle East

Sandra Allimadi-Ocitti (Business Development and Management Achievement Award)


Samantha Brannan (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award), Tara Lohmann (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award), Juliet Kitson (Business Development and Management Achievement Award), Gareth Morrell (People Leader Achievement Award), and Darren Fleetwood (Innovation Achievement Award)


Bridget Burgess (Business Development and Management Achievement Award), Lee Stafford (People Leader Achievement Award), Madeline Postle (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award), Dayna Park (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award), Shelby Hirsch (Support Services Achievement Award), and Mel Hennigar (Innovation Achievement Award)


Pascale Larouche (Innovation Achievement Award), Camille Bélanger (Support Services Achievement Award), Judith Lebel (People Leader Achievement Award), Vincent Gagnon (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award), Hugo Morissette (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award), and Edith Rochette (Business Development and Management Achievement Award)

NATIONAL Montreal (cont.)

Stéphanie Napky Couture (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award)


Tiéoulé Traoré (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award) and Melissa Wood (Support Services Achievement Award)

NATIONAL Quebec City

Marie-Pier Lambert (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award) and Michel Lambert (Business Development and Management Achievement Award)



Tim Butters (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award), Gisele Suen (Innovation Achievement Award), Nancy Dale (People Leader Achievement Award), Jane Taber (Business Development and Management Achievement Award), Meredith Adams (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award), and Aisha Saito (Support Services Achievement Award)

NATIONAL Vancouver

Alyssa Smith (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award) and Jillian Stead (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award)


Padilla Chicago

Grant Prentice (Innovation Achievement Award) and Alice Vaught (Support Services Achievement Award)


Padilla Minneapolis

Michael Garrison (Innovation Achievement Award), Carrie Young (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award), and David Heinsch (Business Development and Management Achievement Award)

Padilla New York

Sarah Fox (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award and Luc Beauregard Award), Allison Mikita (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award), Joel Erb (Business Development and Management Achievement Award), Lisa Ramos (Support Services Achievement Award), and Fred Lake (Business Development and Management Achievement Award)



Padilla Richmond

Kathryn Canning (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award), Natalie Smith (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award), and Nichole Gill (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award)


Padilla Washington

Sarah Levy (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award)

Padilla Washington (cont.)

Laurie Hainley (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award)

Padilla Washington (cont.)

Ashley Desrosiers (Business Development and Management Achievement Award)

SHIFT Boston

Jenna Finn (Innovation Achievement Award), Jennifer Toole (Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award), and Jennifer Leahy (Support Services Achievement Award)

SHIFT New York

Justin Finnegan (People Leader Achievement Award)

SHIFT San Francisco

Alan Dunton (AVENIR GLOBAL Way Award), Darren Weiss (Business Development and Management Achievement Award), and Shannon Steffen (Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award)