Hanover and the RSA partner to launch post-COVID-19 strategic planning offer REWIRE

Hanover Communications

Hanover Communications and the RSA (Royal Society of arts, manufactures and commerce) today launch a joint COVID-19 repurposing offer for senior business leaders.

The new offer—part of Hanover’s recently-launched “Rewire” post-COVID-19-initiative—is designed to help CEOs to reconfigure their business purpose and strategy to respond to dramatic changes in the world of work.

COVID-19 is not solely a health crisis. The virus is also challenging the way companies and entrepreneurs engage with society, particularly in the eyes of the millennial generation, with its growing purchasing power.

Diversity, supply chain traceability and transparency, employee wellbeing, community contribution—the past few months have transformed what is demanded of business, and leaders are reckoning with this at a time of intense commercial strain.

Poor governance, and a lack of appreciation of a company’s role in society has caused huge reputational damage. The Hanover, RSA offer helps leaders to measure the efficacy and impact of existing business purpose to better understand how to adapt, combining practical sessions on how to change organisational mindset with strategic recommendations and roadmaps for organisational change.

The offer will be led by Matthew Taylor, RSA Chief Executive and Charles Lewington, Hanover Chief Executive.

Taylor was head of the Number 10 Policy Unit under Tony Blair. In 2016 he was appointed Chair of the Review of Modern Employment by Theresa May. The Taylor Review report Good Work was published in July 2017.

Prior to founding Hanover, where he advises CEOs of some of the world’s largest businesses, Lewington was Press Secretary to John Major.

Taylor said: “In years to come we will examine the actions of those in leadership across politics, business and culture throughout the COVID-19 recovery period.

“Inevitably this is a challenging time for business. But it is also a generational opportunity to reset business purpose and to understand and evolve the broad impact that an organisation has on society.

“I think that the will is there amongst chief executives. But driving real change through a business is difficult. It requires a change in mindset at every level of the organisation. It requires the development of new systems and processes. It requires visionary communication skills.

“This offer is designed to help businesses to develop these systems and skills. And in doing so, to create a post-COVID-19 recovery strategy that will enable real, purposeful change throughout their business.”

Lewington said: “The smartest CEOs have realised the extent to which their world has changed.

“COVID-19 has created a significant financial impact. But it has also disrupted the relationship between head office and front-line staff. It has transformed everything we thought we knew about office life. It has weakened supply chains.

“And over the same period of time we have witnessed a rise in activism and a demand—from employees and customers—for business to articulate clearly what they stand for, and take action.

“It’s inevitable that corporate and brand strategies are being reviewed. We are delighted to partner with the RSA to create an offer which is truly original in the industry, innovative and creative in approach and practical in its execution.

“Our intention is to help CEOs to think big, and deliver.”

Clients of the bespoke offer will also be given access to RSA events and a limited number of fellowships.

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