AXON hires a Global Healthcare Insights and Strategy Lead


Zaid Siddiqui has been appointed as AXON’s new Global Healthcare Insights and Strategy Lead, an exciting asset for the healthcare communications agency. Zaid brings a decade of experience in the medical sector, with seven years of experience in medical insights and strategy. Zaid is particularly renowned for discovering compelling and strategic stories within the deluge of data.

“Improving communication with and between patients and healthcare professionals is one of the most critical elements in optimizing care. Well-designed and well-executed research initiatives will uncover the barriers and solutions necessary to help clients remedy communication shortcomings. These solutions will provide clients with the necessary tools to enhance their communication and content engagement strategies with patients and healthcare professionals. We are delighted to strengthen this important capability to support our clients,” said Chuck Johnston, Managing Partner, AXON Clinical Studies.

AXON anchors its communication counsel with insights and creative strategy, and Zaid’s appointment strengthens this pledge. Zaid plans to introduce new analytical methods to the role, to uncover the true belief and motivations of key audiences, allowing AXON to deliver life-changing communications that truly resonate.

Zaid Siddiqui
Zaid Siddiqui

“It is our responsibility to use real-world data to uncover true patient and physician insights, allowing us to determine how best to engage with them to provide meaningful information when they need it most. Gathering rich data and insights, interpreting them, and bringing them to life with tangible strategic ideas are elements I am looking forward to embedding at AXON,” said Zaid.

Zaid was formerly a Senior Strategist at FCB Health, and throughout his insight discovery career, Zaid has worked across many scientific sectors, including medical devices, market access, precision medicine, and medical cannabis. His healthcare knowledge has accelerated his start in the role, with exciting client counsel already underway – providing unique insights and tangible strategic ideas.

About AXON

AXON is a global healthcare communications agency that ignites change in healthcare. Through the power of life-changing communications, we contribute to medical advances that improve lives. At the core of every scientific innovation and advancement, there is a simple and compelling story to be told. We know how to tell that story, how to use the right tools to reach the right audiences at the right time, to provoke meaningful change.

We specialize in advising clients on medical affairs, clinical studies, real-world evidence, marketing, advocacy, and communications, all underpinned by insights and creative strategy. AXON has an international reach, with offices in Copenhagen, London, New York, and Toronto, and a worldwide affiliate network. Established in 2002, we have a deep heritage and expertise in healthcare strategy and communication, and we continue to learn and grow in the fast-changing healthcare sphere. AXON is proudly an AVENIR GLOBAL company.