AVENIR GLOBAL honours exceptional contributions through its 2022 Achievement Awards program

AVENIR GLOBAL is proud to present the winners of the Firm’s 2022 Achievement Awards.

The Achievement Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of employees of the AVENIR GLOBAL family and its entities at the local and international levels. The objective of this program is to recognize employees whose exceptional contributions reinforce the Firm’s values and vision, and promote its growth and leadership position in communication and public relations.

Among 200 nominations submitted by colleagues, 91 laureates were selected this year for their accomplishments in seven categories. The awards were presented during local ceremonies for each of our offices.

In addition to the winners in local categories, AVENIR GLOBAL also presents two global recognition awards.

2022 Luc Beauregard Award: Jon Harvey (Cherry)

The Luc Beauregard Award, dedicated to the memory of our founder, is presented to one of the AVENIR GLOBAL Achievement Awards winners whose stellar nomination and strong performance during the year truly stood out among all local laureates.

Jon Harvey has been described by his peers as the benchmark of what a leader should be. In two years as director of Digital services at Cherry, he was able to build a supportive and collaborative environment for his team to thrive in. Under his leadership, the Digital team broke out of its shell and turned into a proud and pivotal team within the agency.

Jon pushed the Digital team to build relationships and get known across the agency by sharing tips and knowledge with the rest of the organization. He encourages the team to get better through training and courses and to share back their learnings with each other or across the organization through lunch-and-learns. Jon excels at seeing where people’s interests lie and making sure they can grow in the direction they are passionate about. He puts a lot of efforts into supporting and mentoring every member of his team, tailoring his approach for each person. His emotional intelligence, empathy, and integrity, as well as his honest approach to leadership have been emphasized by many of his peers.

Jon also stands out for his sense of innovation and his vision, which he conveys to his team and across the agency. He has done an amazing job at inspiring the Digital team to come up with new ideas, encouraging them to engage conversations with clients about their digital landscape so that Cherry can come up with stronger and better-fitted proposals, and to believe the major role they can play in the future of the health advertising industry.

Jon also received the People Leader Achievement Award.

Jon Harvey

2022 AVENIR GLOBAL Way Award: Michelle Renee (NATIONAL Vancouver)

The AVENIR GLOBAL Way Award is presented to the employee who best represents the Firm’s values and embodies our brand by applying bold thinking to solve challenges and establishing trusted relationships with clients and partners.

Michelle Renee, vice-president, Creative Strategy at NATIONAL, is sought after for ideas, opinions, and problem-solving skills not only within her team in Vancouver and Calgary, but across the entire Firm.

While being a major positive driving force enabling the transformation of NATIONAL in Western Canada, Michelle went above and beyond in supporting and collaborating with teams across the wider AVENIR GLOBAL group—stepping in as acting creative director for our Atlantic offices and tackling branding work for Madano on-site in London, among other examples—managing time zones, clients, and colleagues, all with grace and humour, and doing so because she chooses to make a difference.

Michelle encourages her colleagues to innovate and experiment while allowing the space and permission to fail and learn. Her energy, her willingness to get to know people, and the way she just enjoys being part of the team have the effect of a “huge buzz of electricity”, as one colleague described it.

Michelle’s skill set is wide and diverse and is beautifully balanced by a passion for the work she does, the people she works with, her family and the people she chooses to engage with throughout her very large global community. She is a regular public speaker on LGBT2Q+ rights, supports the Firm’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, and sits on the Board of Directors for the United Girls of the World Society.

Michelle’s desire to do good and collaborate is something we can all learn from. In all her interactions with people, Michelle represents humility and humanity, passion and compassion, and truly embodies the AVENIR GLOBAL values.

Michelle Renee

Our local winners

The Support Services Achievement Award


  • Marie-France Couture (AVENIR GLOBAL Montreal)
  • Simon Leblanc (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Evelyn Schueneman (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Joanne Leclerc (NATIONAL Atlantic)
  • David Norman (AXON London)
  • Holly Bailey (AXON London)
  • Kieran Glackin (Madano)
  • Peter Marshall (Cherry)
  • Becky Law (Cherry)
  • Marie Denniston (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Davee Ek (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Ian Banker (AVENIR GLOBAL Minneapolis)
  • Sherry Watkins (FoodMinds Chicago)

The Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award


  • Andrew Ross (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Lynda Pelletier (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Carolyn Gagnon (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Amelia Chant (NATIONAL Ottawa)
  • Cintia Rodriguez (NATIONAL Vancouver)
  • Rachel Cunningham (NATIONAL Atlantic)
  • Megan Dexter (NATIONAL Atlantic)
  • Sumeeta Prihar (AXON Clinical Studies)
  • Sharon Raja (AXON Clinical Studies)
  • Jaclyn Confalone (AXON London)
  • Kirsty Fallowfield (AXON London)
  • Florence Anderson (AXON London)
  • Rebecca Coleman (Madano)
  • Michael Tilley (Cherry)
  • Lucy Jupp (Hanover London)
  • Ilaria Piccato (Hanover London)
  • Stephanie Epstein (SHIFT Boston)
  • Colleen Furey (SHIFT Boston)
  • Perry Lowder (Joe Smith Richmond)
  • Carla Curle (FoodMinds San Francisco)
  • Maliya Rooney (Padilla Richmond)
  • Sarah Hess (Padilla New York)
  • Carson Creehan (Padilla Washington)
  • Monica Kessinger (Joe Smith Richmond)

The Business Development and Management Achievement Award


  • Eric Aach (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Meaghan Beech (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Sunny McKechnie (NATIONAL Vancouver)
  • Mary Navas (NATIONAL Atlantic)
  • Tara Lohmann (Madano)
  • Ben Marshall (Madano)
  • Zita Vymetak (Cherry)
  • Ailsa Renton (Hanover London)
  • Sarah Geist (SHIFT Boston)
  • Moira Allison (FoodMinds Chicago)
  • Jennifer Baybutt (Padilla Richmond)

The Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award

  • Leslie Molko (NATIONAL Montreal) 
  • Julien Provencher-Proulx (NATIONAL Montreal) 
  • Johanne Marceau (NATIONAL Quebec City) 
  • Samantha Krupa-Carbone (NATIONAL Toronto) 
  • Anna Woodmass (NATIONAL Ottawa) 
  • Bridgette Slater (NATIONAL Calgary) 
  • Anna Rennie (AXON London) 
  • Kathleen Daly (AXON London) 
  • Mark Dailey (Madano) 
  • Heather van der Merwe (Cherry) 
  • Darren Weiss (SHIFT San Francisco) 

The Innovation Achievement Award

  • Margarita Bader (NATIONAL Toronto) 
  • Marie Labrosse (NATIONAL Atlantic) 
  • Shannon Frederick (NATIONAL Atlantic) 
  • Bethan Kingsford (AXON London) 
  • James Roberts-Scott (Cherry) 
  • Megan Fredette (SHIFT Boston) 
  • Paul Brink (Padilla Minneapolis) 
  • Candice Eley (Padilla Richmond) 
  • Kris Patrow (Padilla Minneapolis) 
  • Thea Buri (Padilla Minneapolis) 
  • Julie McCracken (Padilla Richmond) 

 The People Leader Achievement Award

  • Sébastien Boudreau (NATIONAL Montreal) 
  • Michel Lacroix (NATIONAL Montreal) 
  • Anne Yourt (NATIONAL Toronto) 
  • Kathy Rammage (NATIONAL Toronto) 
  • Jordan Redshaw (NATIONAL Calgary) 
  • Kristan Hines (NATIONAL Atlantic) 
  • Sheniz Farah (AXON London) 
  • Kelvin Morgan (Madano) 
  • Jon Harvey (Cherry) 
  • Bree Flammini (FoodMinds Chicago) 
  • Amy Jensen (Padilla Minneapolis) 

The Diversity and Inclusion Achievement Award

  • Larry Markowitz (NATIONAL Montreal) 
  • Yvan Loubier (NATIONAL Quebec City) 
  • Melissa Lewis (AXON Clinical Studies) 
  • Luke Hounslow (AXON London) 
  • Will Hyslop (Madano) 
  • Fiona Wells (Cherry) 
  • Luke Davies (Hanover London) 
  • Stephanie Chan (Padilla Richmond) 
  • Kristan Ingraham (Padilla New York) 
  • Rosa Johnson (Padilla Minneapolis)