AVENIR GLOBAL honours exceptional contributions as part of its 2020 Achievement Awards program

AVENIR GLOBAL is proud to announce the winners of the Firm’s 2020 Achievement Awards.

Every year, AVENIR GLOBAL presents these awards to employees who, through their exceptional contributions, reinforced the Firm’s values and vision and promoted its growth and leadership position in the industry.

Among the nominations submitted by their colleagues, 87 laureates were selected this year for their accomplishments in six categories. The awards were presented during local virtual ceremonies for each of our offices.

In addition to the winners in local categories, AVENIR GLOBAL also presented global recognition awards to Daniel Saumur, chief information officer at AVENIR GLOBAL and Megan Gaffney, vice-president at SHIFT Communications.

2020 AVENIR GLOBAL Way Award: Daniel Saumur (AVENIR GLOBAL)

The AVENIR GLOBAL Way Award is presented to the employee who best represents the Firm’s values and embodies our brand by applying bold thinking to solve challenges and establishing trusted relationships with clients and partners.

Daniel Saumur has been working within the Firm’s Technology Services for more than 30 years. For the last three decades, he has been managing all the IT staff across the AVENIR GLOBAL offices.

As part of his duties, he led several major projects, including the technological integration of the operating brands that have joined AVENIR GLOBAL over the last few years (Madano, SHIFT Communications, Padilla, Cherry, Hanover, and their different divisions), thus allowing the network to operate consistently and efficiently throughout its growth.

An attentive, calm and professional leader, Daniel valiantly tackles every challenge that comes his way. Through his invaluable contribution to the Firm over throughout his career, he greatly facilitates unity within our network.

2020 Luc Beauregard Award: Megan Gaffney (SHIFT Communications)

The Luc Beauregard Award, dedicated to the memory of our founder, is presented to one of the AVENIR GLOBAL Achievement Awards winners whose stellar nomination and strong performance during the year truly stood out among all local laureates.

Megan Gaffney has been with SHIFT Communications for over eight years. After being appointed vice-president in January 2020, Megan quickly showed her leadership skills despite the pandemic.

From the great work she achieves, to her commitment to getting projects not just completed—but completed thoughtfully, strategically and creatively, she’s always putting her best foot forward, even when deadlines are tight. From virtual events, to physical products and stunts, Megan collaborates across the Firm and does whatever it takes to “get it done” on behalf of clients.

Beside her tremendous contribution to the Firm, Megan is also deeply involved in the community. She notably conducts a lot of advocacy work for the National CMV Foundation which educates women of childbearing age about Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV). With this award, AVENIR GLOBAL wants to salute Megan’s dedication to great work and her leadership skills but also the contribution she makes to her community.

2020 Achievement Awards local winners

Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award

  • Simon Granger (AVENIR GLOBAL)
  • Nadeen Hamdanieh (AXON CTS)
  • Lorna Blackwell (AXON UK)
  • Ahbab Choudhury (AXON UK)
  • Adelaide Lang (Cherry)
  • Lucy White (Cherry)
  • Lindsay MacNab (FoodMinds Chicago)
  • David Moore (Hanover Dubai)
  • Callum Haire (Hanover London)
  • Hoda Awad (Madano)
  • Elisha Raut (Madano)
  • Kate Greenwood (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Michael Judge (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Caroline Des Rosiers (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Guillaume Fillion (NATIONAL Quebec City)
  • Amber Ciolfe (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Michelle Renee (NATIONAL Vancouver)
  • Kenny Devine (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Kyle Kapustka (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Katie Pawelczyk (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Amanda Abell (Padilla New York)
  • Michelle Amoroso (Padilla New York)
  • Kathryn Canning (Padilla Richmond)
  • Jacqueline Trudeau (SHIFT Communications)
  • Stephanie Chan (SHIFT Communications)
  • Jimmy Alder (The Playbook)

Business Development and Management Achievement Award

  • Heather Mittman (AXON CTS)
  • Sarah Bannoff (AXON UK)
  • Tina Shepley (Cherry)
  • Amy Williams (Hanover London)
  • Hanna Williams (Madano)
  • Anne McInerney (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Sarah McLean (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Mirabel Paquette (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Matt Salvatore (NATIONAL Ottawa)
  • Megan Shay (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Bob McNaney (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Viviana Pinzon Correa (Padilla New York)
  • Julie McCracken (Padilla Richmond)
  • Sarah Babbitt (SHIFT Communications)

Support Services Achievement Award

  • Cheryl Sta Mina (AXON CTS)
  • Sarah Furley (Cherry)
  • Lucy Davies (Hanover London)
  • Rebecca Coleman (Madano)
  • Christina Gatward (Madano)
  • Svetlana Shustova (NATIONAL Calgary)
  • Morgan Atwater (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Ion Preda (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Patricia Lindsay (NATIONAL Quebec City)
  • Tyrone Murphy (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Brian Bengtson (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Barbro Koeleman (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Kelby Escotto (Padilla New York)
  • Jeff Wilson (Padilla Richmond)
  • Kara Armit (SHIFT Communications)

Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award

  • Duncan Shaw (AXON CTS)
  • Flora Theodoro (AXON UK)
  • Evan Byrne (Madano)
  • Emma Cochrane (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Sébastien Boudreau (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Yvan Loubier (NATIONAL Quebec City)
  • Troy Aharonian (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Amy Jensen (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Brittany Joyal (SHIFT Communications)

Innovation Achievement Award

  • Émilie Cossette (AVENIR GLOBAL)
  • Lucy Hagger (AXON UK)
  • Imelda Lim (Cherry)
  • Elizabeth Stoltz (FoodMinds Washington)
  • James Cruikshank (Hanover London)
  • Kristie Forbes (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Trina Tucker (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Carlos-David Donoso (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Jean-Francis Généreux (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Adam Schwartz (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Edward Leung (NATIONAL Vancouver)
  • Rosalie Morton (Padilla Richmond)
  • Megan Gaffney (SHIFT Communications)

People Leader Achievement Award

  • Katrina de Saram (AXON UK)
  • Valeria Catellani (Cherry)
  • Sam Glover (Cherry)
  • Inez Be (FoodMinds San Francisco)
  • Tanya Kavelaars-DiPenta (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • André Bouthillier (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Laura Muirhead (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Heath Rudduck (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Kristen Ingraham (Padilla New York)
  • Natalie Marinaro (SHIFT Communications)