AVENIR GLOBAL – A socially-responsible employer of choice

Top-20 PR firm closes the year with multiple accolades for outstanding corporate culture and social engagement

MONTREAL, DECEMBER 19, 2018 – At AVENIR GLOBAL, a Montreal-based holding and management company that includes several leading communications firms internationally (NATIONAL Public Relations, AXON Communications, Madano, Cherry, SHIFT Communications and Padilla), giving back to local communities is part of its DNA. Across the network, its people devoted over 6,000 hours of pro-bono work-the donation of communications counsel and services-to some 130 non-profit organizations worldwide in 2017 and is well set to surpass this mark in 2018. This does not include employees’ personal time spent supporting causes close to their hearts.

AVENIR GLOBAL likes to let its approach to social responsibility speak for itself, but the Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange Company Humanitarian Award it recently received is a recognition that was humbly accepted. “Presented to an organization that demonstrates substantial humanitarian involvement above and beyond the duties of the business itself, the HME Humanitarian Award is a testament to our employees’ ongoing involvement and social investment in communities across North America, the U.K. and Europe,” said Jean-Pierre Vasseur, President and CEO of AVENIR GLOBAL. “Having been selected for this award, along with several workplace awards in 2018, emphasizes that we are succeeding in living our values of responsibility, collaboration, integrity, respect, commitment, quality and innovation on a daily basis,” he added.

AVENIR GLOBAL’s commitment to ethical conduct, social investment, environmental performance and human capital development has led the Firm to receive several accolades in 2018 as a great place to work. Awards include UK’s Best WorkplacesTM (AXON and Madano), UK Best Workplace for Women TM (Madano), MM&M Best Places to Work 2018 (AXON) and PR News’ Top Places to Work in PR (AXON and SHIFT Communications).

“AVENIR GLOBAL’s management philosophy for over 40 years has been to value the long game and to put people – our employees, our clients and by extension, our communities – at the centre of every decision that matters,” said Valérie Beauregard, executive vice-president. “Knowing we’re making a positive difference in people’s lives is what instills motivation in us to always go the extra mile. When 85% of our employees would recommend our organization to others as a place to work, we know that they feel the same way too.”

AVENIR GLOBAL and HME Humanitarian award winners will be honoured at the Yale Club in New York City on March 28, 2019.


AVENIR GLOBAL is a Montreal-based holding and management company with an active operations mindset and a hands-on approach to all its investments. With 850 staff and offices in 21 locations across Canada, the U.S. and in Europe, it is among the top 20 largest communication firms in the world. In Canada, AVENIR GLOBAL owns NATIONAL Public Relations, the country’s leading public relations firm, servicing clients across a wide range of sectors, which includes NATIONAL Capital Markets, the industry’s foremost investor relations and financial services practice. In the United States, AVENIR GLOBAL owns SHIFT Communications, a data-driven integrated communications agency; and the public relations and communication company Padilla, which includes the brand consultancy Joe Smith, the food and nutrition experts at FoodMinds and the research authorities at SMS Research Advisors. The AVENIR GLOBAL network also includes healthcare specialists AXON Communications, with offices in Toronto, the U.S, the U.K. and Europe, healthcare creative agency Cherry and strategic communications consultancy Madano, both based in London. AVENIR GLOBAL is owned by RES PUBLICA Consulting Group.

About the Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange Humanitarian Awards

HEALTHCARE MARKETER’S EXCHANGE gives voice to the personal stories of the members of the healthcare marketing community. For several years, the HME has published an inspiring and informative annual charity issue that spotlights acts and services performed either by a company or individual in an effort to heal, encourage, empower, and otherwise positively impact a fellow human being or community. In this spirit, the HME will be presenting the 4th Annual HME Company and Individual Humanitarian Award in partnership with the 2019 AMM Nexus event. HME recognizes both an individual and a company who make a positive impact on the welfare of humankind through their contributions, time, actions, and dedication.

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