AVENIR GLOBAL honours exceptional contributions through its 2023 Achievement Awards program

AVENIR GLOBAL is proud to present the winners of the Firm’s 2023 Achievement Awards.

The Achievement Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of employees of the AVENIR GLOBAL family and its entities at the local and international levels. The objective of this program is to recognize employees whose exceptional contributions reinforce the Firm’s values and vision, and promote its growth and leadership position in communication and public relations.

Among 255 nominations submitted by colleagues, 96 laureates were selected this year for their accomplishments in seven categories. The awards were presented during local ceremonies for each of our offices.

In addition to the winners in local categories, AVENIR GLOBAL also presents two global recognition awards.

2023 Luc Beauregard Award: Jonty Summers (Hanover)

The Luc Beauregard Award, dedicated to the memory of our founder, is presented to one of the AVENIR GLOBAL Achievement Awards winners whose stellar nomination and strong performance during the year truly stood out among all local laureates.

Recipient of the People Leader Award for Hanover, Jonty Summers has been selected as this year’s winner of the Luc Beauregard Award for his accomplishments as the managing director of Hanover’s Dubai office.

Jonty established the Dubai operations in 2017 and led its rapid expansion. Despite working in a tough market with challenging clients and often difficult circumstances, he leads one of the most motivated groups of staff at Hanover. Jonty takes great pride in this team that he has personally put together and is always eager to reward and recognize their effort. He knows how to get the best out of them, while also ensuring that expectations are delivered upon.

Jonty also plays an important role in mentoring emerging leaders at Hanover. He has supported the development of two directors on his team, who have grown and flourished into important contributors for the Firm. 

Jonty’s approach to leadership and his ability to unite people towards a common goal has led to remarkable client success for Hanover in the Middle East, and through these achievements he perfectly exemplifies the spirit of the Luc Beauregard Award. 

Jonty Summers

2023 AVENIR GLOBAL Way Award: Meaghan Beech (NATIONAL Toronto)

The AVENIR GLOBAL Way Award is presented to the employee who best represents the Firm’s values and embodies our brand by applying bold thinking to solve challenges and establishing trusted relationships with clients and partners.

The 2023 recipient of the AVENIR GLOBAL Way Award is Meaghan Beech. Meaghan has been instrumental in leading NATIONAL Toronto through a year of positive change, especially since being promoted as chief of staff. She played an important role in helping two new managing partners—Brian Pearl in Toronto and Mark Seland in Western Canada—settle in their new responsibilities.

Meaghan has been described as the ultimate teammate. She is quick to share the spotlight with colleagues and she will always stand in front of the spear for her team when a dispute occurs with a client. Her ability to provide humble, yet concise advice and support has led her to develop strong relationships with many across the Firm. As a result, everyone wants to be on her team when projects come forward.

Meaghan also excels at navigating client relationships with grace and driving new business initiatives. She leads by example, rolls up her sleeves, and knows how to get things done. In that sense, she truly personifies AVENIR GLOBAL’s values and her engagement inspires others to emulate the way of our Firm.

Meaghan Beech

Our local winners

The Support Services Achievement Award


  • Sharika Kandasamy (AVENIR GLOBAL Toronto)
  • Larry Ng (AVENIR GLOBAL Toronto)
  • Dinorah Lopez Cebada (AVENIR GLOBAL Calgary)
  • Rolande Bernier (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Esther Boivin (NATIONAL Quebec City)
  • Sophie Blondin (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Stephanie Hill (AXON London)
  • Alicia Bossey (AXON London)
  • Sophie Mitchell (Madano)
  • Lauren Chamberlain (Cherry)
  • Lynsi Godwin (Cherry)
  • Claire Sherry (Hanover London)
  • Sarah Babbitt (SHIFT Boston)
  • Trish Neumann (Padilla Minneapolis)


The Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award


  • Alexandra Dubé (AVENIR GLOBAL Montreal)
  • Hugo Morissette (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Stéphane Gasse (NATIONAL Quebec City)
  • Emma Clarkin (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Sydney Boll (NATIONAL Calgary)
  • Lauren Howard (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Hayley Shaughnessy (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Bryony Kay (AXON London)
  • Leni Vandekerchkove (AXON London)
  • Paulina Koppenhagen (Madano)
  • Jack Bear (Cherry)
  • Serkan Yaman (Cherry)
  • Amy Williams (Hanover London)
  • Subodh Tailor (Hanover London)
  • Heather Bruton (Hanover Dublin)
  • Nicole Fiori (SHIFT New York)
  • Janelle Davis (SHIFT Boston)
  • Michelle McCoy (SHIFT Boston)
  • Kim Foster (Padilla Richmond)
  • Denis Grega (Padilla Richmond)
  • John Scally (Padilla New York)
  • Lauren Hartley (Padilla New York)
  • Mike Garcia (Padilla New York)
  • Alyssa Dettloff (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Madeleine Rivard (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Marissa Matchey (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Leah Kondes (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Jean Owan Curran (FoodMinds Chicago)


The Business Development and Management Achievement Award


  • André Bouthillier (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Misty Meeks (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Bridgette Slater (NATIONAL Calgary)
  • Kaisa Oland (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Carolyn Armstrong (AXON London)
  • Reghu Venkatesan (Madano)
  • James Cockerill (Cherry)
  • Tom Jollie (Padilla Minneapolis)
  • Heidi Murphy (Padilla Chicago) 

The Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award


  • Michel Lacroix (NATIONAL Montreal) 
  • Yash Dogra (NATIONAL Toronto) 
  • Tanya DiPenta (NATIONAL Halifax) 
  • Blen Tameru (AXON Clinical Studies) 
  • Rose-Marie Falconer (AXON London) 
  • Emma Barrow (Madano) 
  • Theresa Masnik (SHIFT New York) 
  • Jen Baybutt (Padilla Richmond) 
  • Mariann Hohe (Padilla Minneapolis) 
  • Chelsea Elkin (Padilla New York) 

The Innovation Achievement Award


  • Vincent Gagnon (NATIONAL Montreal) 
  • Tyrone Murphy (NATIONAL Toronto) 
  • Leah Thomson (NATIONAL Calgary) 
  • Iain Deans (NATIONAL Halifax) 
  • Julia Peics (AXON Copenhagen) 
  • Gabriella Mallia (AXON Clinical Studies) 
  • Kieran Delaney (Cherry) 
  • Laura Roberts (Hanover London) 
  • Chris Liakos (Padilla Minneapolis) 
  • Joel Erb (Padilla Richmond) 
  • Peter Vigliarolo (Padilla New York) 


 The People Leader Achievement Award


  • Aigerim Ng (AVENIR GLOBAL Calgary) 
  • Sabrina Duguay (NATIONAL Montreal) 
  • Jennifer McCormack (NATIONAL Toronto) 
  • Craig MacPhail (NATIONAL Toronto) 
  • Jon Richard (NATIONAL Halifax) 
  • Jane Taber (NATIONAL Halifax) 
  • Sophie Bullock (AXON London) 
  • Danielle Campbell (Madano) 
  • Katy Compton-Bishop (Madano) 
  • Joe Bean (Cherry) 
  • Diva Rook (Cherry) 
  • Jonty Summers (Hanover Dubai) 
  • Georgia Hunt (Hanover London) 
  • Amber Rubin (SHIFT San Francisco) 
  • Katina Shelton (Padilla Minneapolis) 
  • Sarah Fox (Padilla New York) 
  • Sam Campbell (Padilla New York) 
  • Kim Blake (Padilla Washington) 


The Diversity and Inclusion Achievement Award


  • Julien Provencher-Proulx (NATIONAL Montreal) 
  • Erika MacKenzie (NATIONAL Toronto) 
  • Siera Draper (NATIONAL Ottawa) 
  • Michael Tilley (Cherry) 
  • Viviana Pinzon (Padilla New York)  
  • Perry Lowder (Joe Smith Richmond)